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“Like a Frog in the Pond”

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

 "We were like the proverbial frog in the pond before DWARAKA opened up our horizons",Mohana Kumari, DWARAKA artist and resident of Bhaskarpet, Andhra Pradesh says.

"Today we feel we can conquer the world. We have been exposed to various experiences and know how to travel around the country, interact with the customers, take responsibility for our sales and represent the DWARAKA Movement in any forum. We now have the confidence to support our families and communities." And before she concludes she says “ today so many of us earn over ten thousand rupees per month with which we can support families. In fact this is indeed such a blessing as days of instability and insecurity are over for hundreds of women, like us  who were totally ignored by our society earlier."


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