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“I Walked a Mile, I Learnt to Smile”

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

“There was a day when I had to beg my family and my husband for every rupee that I needed. Braving all odds, I would walk 12 kilometers, when my husband refused to pay my bus fare from my house to the DWARAKA center, fighting the scorching Andhra Pradesh heat.

With blistered feet, I still came to the center and learnt the art of hand painted Kalamkari.

Today I stand tall and I tell my women comrades how my husband now turns to me for financial support. I now have the courage and faith that I can take care of my children, their food and education with what I learnt and earn at DWARAKA" says Padma, an empowered woman from Kammakothuru, a small village near Srikalahasthi, who fought against poverty and male domination.


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