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Support Us. Be Part Of The Movement. 


From its humble beginnings in Srikalahasti to current day, DWARAKA welcomes all enthusiastic and

like-minded individuals to support in our efforts to build a sustainable model to revive the Kalamkari Art and Community Programs which uplift and empower the artisan communities. 

We look forward to your helping hand. Get involved in our movement of 

artisan development. and revival of the dying art.


DWARAKA as a non-profit organization welcomes your support and donations to sustain and enhance training and developmental programs. 


Join the cause and make your donations to advance the artisan community. 


Be a Dwaraka Ambassador. Help us spread the Dwaraka Network.

Work with Us​

DWARAKA with a history of struggle and success stories has acclaimed excellence in various fields. We continue to be on an exciting growth path as we expand the scope of our products, programs and increase our outreach.

Whether you are a working professional looking to expand your skills set and acquire experience, or a student out to gain in-depth learning, or a designer etc. we provide opportunities available at various community centers based on skills and background to gain an enriching experience.

The programs include short and long term art or artisan projects, volunteering opportunities and internships. 

Reach out to us to know opportunities and if you have any specific interest and specific help to offer tell us about it.

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Partner with Us

DWARAKA represents two decades of history and revival of an ancient art and the . artisan communities. A potential in the growing global market is helping outreach the legacy of art revival program. DWARAKA is proud to represent the artisan community and create an experience of the ancient art beautifully crafted and transformed into fashion and lifestyle products.

Partner and collaborate with us on exciting projects, develop co-branded products, designs and events to spread the word of handpainted kalamkari.

Shop to Support

DWARAKA has evolved into a brand recognized for its Kalamkari art focused approach in its various initiatives and all along encouraging to sustain traditional hand painting skills and promoting eco-friendly ways to transform designs. Thus reviving the true authenticity of Kalamkari craftsmanship and supporting the empowerment of rural women artists.

Shop beautifully hand painted Kalamkari products, exclusively curated for our shoppers. 


All products are hand painted and colored using natural dyes.

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