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Having established a firm foundation at the national level in India, DWARAKA successfully explored the potential of a global spread. These linkages could nurture the rich heritage, art form and spread the cultural ethos of the communities engaged in it.


DWARAKA Global was set up under section 501(c)(3) in California, USA, to strengthen the goals towards:


DWARAKA Foundation, India looks forward to an expansion of this network with like-minded partners who could share their knowledge, skills, resources and support.

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Develop and empower rural and urban poor communities, especially women througheducation, skilling  and livelihood generation for a sustainable survival. 

Develop Leadership

Promote and foster leadership in children and youth and encourage self-reliance.

Build Art Networks.

Establish networks that encourage universal values through art, craft and cultural exchange.

Expand and Explore

Create an environment for exchange of ideas, resources, talent and skills, and create platforms where learning promotes development in a global expanse.

Global Foot Prints

2018 International Folk Art Market

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

International Folk Art Market Santa Fe, “celebrates the humanity of the handmade that empowers communities through monumental earnings”. The Market offers folk artists a respected spot in the global marketplace to gather together and share their handmade traditions and to create economic, social, and individual empowerment. 

Since 2004, the International Folk Art Market and its flagship program have been providing opportunity to folk artists at the world's largest International Folk Art Market.

​DWARAKA was selected from 150 to be part of the event in 2018 and the year was also IFAM's 15th Anniversary. This was DWARAKA’s first year at an international event and it helped boost the scope of cultural exchange between the many nations that participate in this Global event. The response of the participants to the DWARAKA story was a great motivator for the rural women artists of DWARAKA.

See key highlights of 2018 on IFAM website. 


2018 Cultural Survival Tiverton, Boston 

The Cultural Survival Bazaars are a series of cultural festivals that provide artists, cooperatives, and their representatives from around the world the chance to showcase their work directly to the American public.

​Each event features traditional and contemporary crafts, artwork, clothing,home goods, and accessories from dozens of countries. In addition, the Bazaars offer cultural performances and presentations, including live music, storytelling, craft-making demonstrations,   and the unique chance to talk directly with makers and community advocates.

​Learn more about Cultural Survival.

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2019 International Folk Art Market

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

In a second year in a row in 2019 DWARAKA got invited to IFAM. It was a golden opportunity to continue striving to enhance the cultural and art exchanges that we experienced in 2018. Interacting and learning and sharing from the hugely talented and skilled artists, artisans, volunteers and leaders of the IFAM movement was indeed a very humbling and rejuvenating experience.

DWARAKA got recognized with the World Is One-A Global Community Impact Award (2019) for the work it had done in reviving the artisans of hand painted kalamkari in the villages in and around the temple town of Srikalahasthi in India. It was indeed an extremely humbling and privileged feeling that thrilled the artisans. As we believe that it was not just their beautiful art with a heart that got recognized , but the fact that they represented the worldwide community of artisans who remain the cultural pillars and conscience keepers of humanity as a whole.

DWARAKA hopes to return to IFAM in the years to come spreading the message of Arts, Rights and Communities which is at the core of DWARAKAS work.

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